What is

Humboldt Virtual Academy?

Dedicated and Qualified Teachers

The teachers are the foundation of the Humboldt Virtual Academy experience. They are talented, passionate, certified, and specially trained to excel in online teaching. Humboldt Virtual Academy teachers are drawn to virtual-online schools because they care about students and believe that personalized one-on-one instruction really works.

Individual Attention

Each and every student has unique abilities, and all students perform better when they receive individual attention in a safe and nurturing environment. We use an individualized approach, devising a Personalized Educational Plan for each student; teachers get to know the learning style, skills, and interests of each student so they can give every student the best opportunity to excel. Humboldt Virtual Academy provides a tailor made secondary school experience (Grades 6-12). We are student centered and student driven. Our approach also allows students to accelerate learning in areas of strength or receive extra attention in areas of weakness.

Parent-Supported Online Learning

When parents take an active role in education, students prosper. As learning coaches and mentors, parents can be closely involved in their children’s daily education. Parents are able to see real progress every day and work with dedicated teachers to help keep their students stay on track to graduate or to promote. Progress can be tracked in real time online with a sophisticated breakdown and analysis of the student's performance and progress. The level of parental involvement can be one of the most gratifying aspects of the school.

Easy-to-Use Technology and Access to Curriculum

Humboldt Virtual Academy’s user-friendly software systems, Odysseyware ® and UCScout, let students access a welcoming and collaborative learning experience anywhere they have an internet connection. Parents will love how easy it is to schedule lessons and access grades, too!

Socialization, Community, and Friendships

Learning online does not mean learning alone. Even in a virtual setting, students will still need to meet periodically with teachers at our Eureka campus located at the Lincoln Educational Center. At the Lincoln Educational Center site, Students will have opportunities to share ideas, compare experiences, and have fun learning together. There are even chances to attend in-person gatherings, school-wide activities and clubs, dances, and field trips at Eureka High School (EHS), Zane Middle School, and Winship Middle School. Participating in athletics at Zane, and Winship are possible but do require special approval, grade and attendance eligibility. For students who want to pursue and explore other extracurricular activities outside of Humboldt Virtual Academy, or participate in clubs at EHS, Zane, or Winship, the flexibility of Humboldt Virtual Academy allows plenty of opportunities for those, too!